Esther Hunziker - Rock | Installation


Installation, 2021
electronic armchair, hardware and software (arduino)
Esther Hunziker - Body Archive Project | Projection

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With !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Johanna Bruckner, Giulia Essyad, Juliette Gampert, Maëlle Gross, Maria Guta, Esther Hunziker, Douna Lim & Théo Pesso, Katrin Niedermeier, Simone C. Niquille / Technoflesh, Colette Sadler & Mikko Gaestel, Ramaya Tegegne & Soraya Lutangu and Teresa Vittucci.

Esther Hunziker - Body Archive Project | Projection


Videoinstallation, 2020
2 channel video, 22 min. loop, sound
Esther Hunziker - Streamers, Videoinstalltion, 2018


Videoinstallation, 2018
6 block monitors on sockets, 6 videoloops 3–5 min., sound
Esther Hunziker, Einzelausstellung im Kunsthaus Baselland, 2018

Esther Hunziker
(Kunsthaus Baselland)

25. Januar – 2. April, 2018
Esther Hunziker – Caltiki
Esther Hunziker – so anyway, Photo Series, 2018

so, anyway

Photo Series, 2018
digital bw prints on baryta paper, framed, each 30x40cm
Esther Hunziker – Hi There, Publication (Artist Book and Exhibition Catalogue), 2018

Hi There

Publication (Artist Book and Exhibition Catalogue), 2018
ISBN 978-3-9524774-2-7
Esther Hunziker – Hall, Video (Installation), 2017


Video (Installation), 2017
Full HD, no sound, 00:14:10, loop
Esther Hunziker – Lines, Photo Series, 2017


Photo Series, 2017
lambda prints behind glass, each 30x20cm
Esther Hunziker - Earth (A Space Odyssey/Oddity 2016), Video (Projection), 2016

(A Space Odyssey/Oddity 2016)

Video (Projection), 2016
Full HD, sound, 00:22:20, loop
Esther Hunziker – Sites (Extended  Google Maps), Website, 2015

(Extended Google Maps)

Website, 2015
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript


Video (Projection), 2014
Full HD, no sound, 03:56:00, loop
Esther HUnziker – Skyscraper (For SCREEN_), E-Mail, 2017
Esther HUnziker – Skyscraper (For SCREEN_), E-Mail, 2017


E-Mail, 2017
HTML5, CSS, animated gifs
Esther Hunziker – Be Read..., Zine, 2017

Be Read
(by Louise Bourgeois)

Zine, 2017
edition 20/2, 210x297mm, 22 pages
Esther Hunziker – Entities (Geolocical Collection of Time Frozen Specimens), Installation, 2015

(Geological Collection of Time Frozen Specimens)

Installation, 2015
glass containers, CnH2n+2, shelf, neon tubes, poster
Esther Hunziker – VOGUE (Cover  Creatures), Websites / Gifs, 2014

(Cover Creatures)

Websites / Gifs, 2014
series of animated collages
Esther Hunziker – Loop, interactive webcam project, 2013


Website, 2013
interactive webcam project
Esther Hunziker – Things, Installation, 2013

(In Real Life)

Installation, 2013
mixed media, size variabel
Esther Hunziker – EHB5866, Video, 2012


Video, 2012
Full HD, sound, 00:30:30, loop
Esther Hunziker – Imagines, Images, 2012

(Death by Lights)

Images, 2012
paper, insects, transparency film, mounted on dibond, each 122x200cm
Esther Hunziker – The Wasted Documents Showbag Frames, 2010–2014

The Wasted Documents Showbag Frames
(A Work In Progress)

Image Series / Installation, 2010 – 2014
mixed media behind glass, each image 210x287mm